Maps Are Awesome!😊 Aren't they?πŸ˜•

Welcome to my blog, Maps Are Awesome. It is interesting to know you still want to know what this blog is about. I was thinking the title of the blog was evident enoughπŸ˜‰. But hey, you're here so you got to know.

Over the years my interest in GIS has grown exponentially. Getting to know the insights about places that maps can reveal and its potential to enhance decision making and makes our lives easier and better has fueled my passion to learn more about GIS and it's applications.

On my GIS journey, I have got to know a lot of stuff in GIS, I have struggled with some processes in GIS softwares, I have spoken to and taught others some GIS tools or info (in person), I have taken part of GIS projects, I could go on and on but the point I'm driving at is that with all these experiences I have woefully failed to make any documentation or record of my journey (always procrastinating).

I have, therefore, started this blog to change the status quo. On this blog I'm going to share interesting developments in the geospatial world (GIS News), insightful maps and helpful tutorials that I make or come across, and also share useful resources such as open data sets, softwares, tools, readings, MOOCs, etc.

It's my hope that whatever I share here becomes useful to someone. Merci beaucoup πŸ™